July 17, 2024

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Thousands of Brisbane Homes Without Power

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brisbane homes without power

Thousands of homes in south-east Queensland have been without power after a series of severe storms. The storms hit the region over the weekend, with many homes in Corinda, Cliveden Ave and Oxley Tce most severely affected. Some of the homes in these areas will not have power for weeks, according to Energex. However, the company says it will begin restoring the power to these homes on Boxing Day.

Thousands of homes across south-east Queensland are without power after severe storms

Thousands of Brisbane homes are without power after severe storms lashed the city late Saturday afternoon. A powerful storm also ripped up trees and roofs in the region.

The storms caused thousands of homes to be flooded and forced tens of thousands of Australians to evacuate. The storm came after a week of extreme weather that has claimed at least eight lives.

The worst of the floods have hit the town of Lismore in New South Wales. It was the first time the region had ever experienced such massive flooding. The river rose to a 14.4 metre height.

The State Emergency Service responded to more than 100 calls for help. An SES crew was able to rescue several people from their homes.

Corinda, Cliveden Ave, and Oxley Tce are most severely affected

Several suburbs in south-east Queensland have been badly affected by flooding. Many homes have been left without electricity.

Some of the worst affected areas are Corinda, Oxley Tce and Cliveden Ave. These areas were heavily hit by torrential rain last night. The area is expected to receive further rain today.

The city is currently experiencing the highest number of power outages in the state. Nearly a thousand homes are without electricity. It is expected to be an ongoing problem for the next few days.

Residents are advised to stay at home and limit their driving. If you need emergency assistance, call the SES on 132 500. If you have a car, avoid driving and use alternative transport.

The city is also hosting a number of volunteer sweeps over the coming weeks. Anyone interested in volunteering can contact Ms Bristow at 3379 1453.

Energex plans to restore power to the remaining 5000 homes on Boxing Day

Approximately two million Energex customers across Brisbane, south east Queensland and the Gold Coast woke to a blackout on Monday morning. As floodwaters receded, the energy company planned to restore power to several more homes and businesses. But the company says it will take days, and in some cases weeks, to fully get power restored.

The company also says it will give customers a sticker if water has reached their switchboard or low-level power points. It will also notify people that power will not be restored to some properties until at least Friday.

The company has given out a lot of safety advice, including not using electrical appliances that have been in contact with floodwaters. They also advise residents to use generators responsibly.

CS Energy says some homes will be without power for weeks

CS Energy, Queensland’s government owned power generator, has been responding to the aftermath of a recent cyber-attack on its operations. It is a good thing the attack was prevented, because it would have crippled a large swathe of the state’s power grid. Several power stations in Queensland were offline, including the Callide C power station, which provides 10% of the state’s electricity.

CS Energy is working with cybersecurity experts to ensure its computer systems are as secure as possible. The company has enacted business continuity processes to protect the company’s data and its employees.

One of the company’s key achievements was separating its corporate and operational computer systems. This allowed for the creation of a more secure network and avoided hackers from taking over its operations.

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