April 14, 2024

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Breaking News Today – Brisbane Suburbs Without Power

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brisbane suburbs without power

Breaking News Today – Brisbane Suburbs Without Power

A huge storm caused the state’s power grid to malfunction this morning, leaving many suburbs without power. Some areas in the Brisbane metro area are still in the dark. At the moment, more than one thousand homes remain without power, bringing the total to almost 300,000. The main utility Energex says it has restored electricity to more than two hundred and thirty thousand customers. However, major restoration problems have been reported in the Mount Glorious, Mount Nebo and Mt Sylvia regions.

There are reports that the call centre at Callide Power Station was also affected. The fire broke out early this morning but all employees were able to evacuate the building and go home. Fortunately, there were no injuries and the power is slowly returning to the suburbs. While the fire at the plant has caused some disruptions, there has been no major damage to the plant. A Queensland Fire and Emergency Services spokesperson confirmed that the call centre is investigating the incident and will take action as needed.

The outage began around 2.30pm and will continue for several hours. There were no reports of injuries. Energex says it is the biggest job they’ve ever had to fix the problem. But the company has said that it is still trying to restore power to as many customers as possible. Some areas are still in the dark. While some suburbs are seeing power come back, there are still thousands of others without electricity.

The company Energex, which is responsible for the power grid in south-east Queensland, has confirmed that most customers are now back on the grid. But tens of thousands of customers remain without electricity. Some hospitals are using generators to restore service and remain open. Thankfully, the outage has not been too widespread, but some areas have not experienced the electrical power that their customers require. A report in The Australian suggests that a fire in a turbine near Callide Power Station in Biloela may be the cause of the massive outage.

In southeast Queensland, more than two hundred and fifty suburbs are still without power. It’s unclear how long the outage will last, but a number of stranded homes and businesses have lost power. The fire at Callide Power Station in Biloela has affected over a thousand customers. It’s not known whether the affected areas will have a full day of power, but there are a few reports of hospitals having a limited supply of water.

Thankfully, most of the suburbs in and around Brisbane have been reconnected by the end of the day. Fortunately, Ergon Energy has restored power to more than two hundred and fifty thousand homes and businesses throughout the state. Despite the fact that it’s a busy night for businesses and homes, residents should not be left in the dark. The majority of the suburbs will not have power until tomorrow, although some areas of the city will remain unaffected for the next few days.

The power company is working to restore power to the affected areas. As a precaution, a 550 metre exclusion zone has been set up around the power station. It is also worth noting that a 550 metre exclusion zone is being enforced around the power plant. During this time, a flooded area in the Brisbane metropolitan area could experience a significant outage. There are also reports of traffic lights and gas stations not being able to supply electricity to customers.

The power company also reported a major outage in the state’s south-east. Some outages were reported in Cairns, Townsville, and Rockhampton. In addition to Brisbane, the outage also affected parts of northern New South Wales and central Queensland. A spokesperson for the company said that about ten thousand homes were affected by the outage. In contrast, approximately three thousand homes in the Gold Coast were without power.

The outage was caused by a fire at the Callide Power Station in central Queensland. The outage affected more than six hundred thousand customers in the city, including the surrounding suburbs. The outage was a result of the Callide Power Station’s turbine catching fire, which is causing a widespread blackout. CS Energy has tweeted that all of its workers were safe and there were no injuries reported. QFES has advised of an exclusion zone of 550 meters.