July 14, 2024

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Breaking News Today – Brisbane Without Power

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Thousands of people in Brisbane have been left without power today due to an outage at Callide Power Station. The outage was reported to have started at around 1.45pm and has affected dozens of traffic lights in the city. Schools have closed and major shopping centres have halted operations, and motorists have been warned to use caution on the roads. There are no reports of injuries yet, but officials are warning residents to be patient and take their time while travelling.

brisbane without power

As of 2.30pm local time, Energex confirmed the outage was widespread and began around two o’clock this afternoon. The company said the outage was their largest ever, and it would be the biggest job they had ever faced. Power is slowly being restored in some suburbs, but at times, it has remained out for hours. Hospitals, businesses, and other facilities in Brisbane have set up generators to keep their facilities running.

Queensland’s energy company said that the power outage began at around 2.30pm and affected over two-thirds of the city. The fire caused extensive damage, affecting more than 500,000 homes and businesses. The fire had not affected any of the power plants, but it did damage the surrounding region. It also affected the CBD and forced almost 2 million people to evacuate. The Commonwealth of Australia has yet to restore the power, but Ergon Energy has stepped in to restore the power to 250,000 Queenslanders.

Meanwhile, train services were unaffected by the outage, with TransLinksSEQ confirming that trains would be running as normal. During the outage, traffic lights were also out of action in the south-east region. Other cities such as Cairns, Townsville, and Mackay reported at least 3000 outages. University of Queensland St Lucia was left without power for 15 minutes, and the Brisbane Airport experienced a 15-minute power outage in the international terminal.

The Queensland Department of Transport and Energex have confirmed that there is a widespread outage, with power in some suburbs returning to normal. In some areas, however, supplies will not be fully restored until Sunday, but some areas may still be without power for weeks. The outage is expected to last a week, so there’s no need to rush home just yet. While the outage is a huge inconvenience, it is also an opportunity to improve health in the city.

A number of suburbs are reporting no power. The caller Damian, who lives in Chermside, reports that he has passed 11 blacked-out traffic lights. Several streets in Aspley and Chermside are also experiencing power outages. Aspley is in the worst affected suburb. But despite the widespread outage, traffic has returned to its normal levels. In addition to this, several streets have been closed.

The power outage has left residents in far northern and central parts of the state without electricity. In addition, some hospitals have been affected, including the Gold Coast University Hospital and Robina Hospital. The power outages have impacted hospitals and many other areas of the state, including the Robina region. The situation has caused significant delays in the operation of dozens of traffic lights, including many of the city’s main thoroughfares.

The power outages have affected many parts of Queensland, including the South East. As many as 67,000 people have been affected. It’s unclear whether the outages will continue, but there are already reports of multiple crashes. A caller who calls from Chermside said that he had passed 11 blacked-out traffic lights, but he did not know how to stop them. The problem also impacted dozens of traffic lights across the state.

Several suburbs across the Gold Coast have been affected by the outage. The entire south-east region is also affected. As many as 67,000 customers on the Gold Coast have lost power. The problem has affected the entire city, including the Robina Hospital, and the Goldcoast University Hospital has been impacted by the outage. The caller’s voice recorded a message on his phone that the power outage would last at least 30 minutes.

During the outage, the power station was evacuated after a turbine was caught on fire. During the outage, multiple transmission lines tripped and an exclusion zone was set up. Before the crews arrived, the power station was already evacuated. During the outage, the Australian Energy Market Operator warned of potential rolling outages throughout the state. The banana shirre council chief executive said that the outage was a minor inconvenience and that the community should try to conserve their energy as much as possible.