April 14, 2024

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The Brisbane Jets Need to Get Their Act Together If They Want to Become an NRL Franchise

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If the Brisbane Jets are to become an NRL franchise, they need to get their act together. Whether they can pull off a merger is unclear but the Firehawks have approached them about a potential merger, despite having no financial backing. The club has a bank guarantee and understands its catchment area. CEO Craig Livermore is confident that they will be able to stand on their own.

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The Jets are desperate to find an investor to secure $12 million to become the 17th franchise. The Bombers have already failed in their bid, but they are making another last-ditch effort to raise that cash. In a bid to become the 17th franchise, the Brisbane Tigers and the Broncos will meet next week and present their respective cases. However, the NRL is conducting due diligence to see how a new team would fit into the existing competition. In fact, the Gemba Group recently commissioned an investigation of 12 current NRL clubs and raised concerns about a new franchise.

The Jets have approached both Wayne Bennett and Craig Bellamy for the role of head coach. As an owner, Bennett is the preferred candidate. He has a proven track record in managing NRL teams. While the Jets’ coaching staff is unknown, the team’s ownership has a long history of working with the Brisbane Broncos and is largely in favor of the Western Corridor’s bid.

The Jets are the underdogs in the bid, but they have many advantages over the Bombers. As an underdog, the Broncos have been keen to get rid of the Bombers as much as possible. The Jets would retain many of their existing players and fans. They have a history of success in the ARL. They also have a large following of fans and players, which would make it a win-win situation.

The Brisbane Jets have long been pursuing a dual-membership with the Broncos. The Broncos are not interested in losing their Bombers, but they do want to get rid of the Bombers. This could mean the end of the Brisbane Jets’ NRL bid. And with all of these advantages, the Brisbane Jets are a very attractive option. So, what’s the bottom line?

Unlike the other NRL bids, the Jets have the money, cash and geographical advantage. Moreover, they have the capacity to expand their brand and community in the city. As a feeder team for the New Zealand Warriors, they have the history and the infrastructure to do so. However, the geographic location of the Jets may not be conducive to a massive NRL expansion.

The Jets’ expansion bid is a hybrid of two previous proposals. It is closely linked to the Ipswich Jets, while the Brisbane Dolphins are a separate entity. The latter have an established identity and an established history of success. In addition, they are a feeder club for the New Zealand Warriors. In contrast, the Brisbane Jets are a separate and independent venture, with a vast pile of cash backing their proposed franchise.

While the Jets’ bid is an amalgamation of two previous bids, they still hold the advantage of being closely tied to the Ipswich Jets. The Ipswich team has a ten-year-old relationship with the Brisbane Dolphins, which has a similar identity and separates itself from the city. This will ensure that the franchise is able to market its brand to a diverse audience.

The Jets’ bid is the most successful of the two, as it is a hybrid of two previous bids. The Ipswich team’s bid is closely linked to the Ipswich Jets in the Queensland Cup. They aim to build a 20,000-capacity stadium in the Ipswich CBD. The second bid, the Dolphins’ bid, has been the most prestigious of all.

The Ipswich bid is backed by the Easts Tigers club, which is based in Ipswich. The Redcliffe Dolphins are another bid team. They presented to the committee last week, including ARLC chairman Peter V’landys, commissioners Kate Jones, and NRL CEO Andrew Abdo. If the proposal goes through, the Jets’ proposal could become the 17th franchise in the NRL.