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Stylish and Versatile, a Velvet Ottoman Bed Is a Stylish Yet Practical Solution

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Velvet ottoman beds boast an eye-catching and versatile design, perfect for bedrooms with any color palette. Their velvet upholstery stands out against any backdrop.

Ottoman storage beds may present a risk to small children and animals, as their large spaces tempt them to climb inside. To mitigate this danger, soft closing mechanisms are installed.

Sophistication and Elegance

Integrate an ottoman bed into your bedroom design for an experience of classic elegance with modern convenience. Not only does its plush velvet upholstery lend an air of timeless classicism, but this type of bed offers built-in storage solutions that help declutter sleeping spaces without compromising aesthetics.

Depending on their manufacturer and model, ottoman storage beds may require straightforward assembly instructions to assemble them correctly. Most have an easy-lift mechanism which enables users to access storage compartments easily; in addition, sturdy materials ensure longevity for these beds.

Wooden ottoman storage beds offer timeless and classic appeal that complements various interior styles. These beds typically boast carved wooden feet for visual flair as well as sprung slats and chunky upholstered panels for durability. Regular maintenance practices like vacuuming, dusting and applying furniture polish help preserve their lustre and longevity – make these maintenance activities part of your regular home cleaning schedule to maintain it long term.


Add storage to your velvet bed for added functionality and efficiency in using all available space efficiently. Useful things you could store include blankets and shoes which might otherwise clutter up the bedroom. It can also make use of small spaces efficiently by using as little floor area as possible.

Your ottoman bed offers several storage solutions, from drawers built into its divan base to different forms of padding to suit different bedroom sizes and needs. Your selection will depend on which storage options best suit your bedroom space and requirements.

Another option for smaller bedrooms is a side lift or end lift divan style ottoman bed, which opens from either the front or the back. These beds require minimal assembly, making them an excellent solution. When purchasing such beds it is essential that the manufacturer gives clear guidance as to the weight that can be stored in its storage compartments as this will prevent breaking of the bed due to overload.


How comfortable your ottoman storage bed will be ultimately depends on the style of bed base and mattress you select, from solid to sprung slat foundations. Whatever suits you best can be chosen.

There is also an impressive variety of headboards to choose from, each tailored specifically to your space and available in all sorts of shapes and sizes. If cottagecore style is what speaks to you, check out DFS’s cocoa hued boucle headboard from DFS; its soft rounded form and whisper-soft tones fit right in!

Though ottoman beds use gas pistons and struts to assist with lifting, they may still be cumbersome and difficult to manage for some people; therefore if weight or handling issues are an issue for your bedroom then a divan-style with drawers may be more suitable.


Velvet ottoman storage beds make stunning bedroom focal points, with their luxurious fabric upholstery adding both opulence and elegance to your room. Furthermore, their hidden storage compartment provides a handy solution to decluttering space.

Ottoman beds lend themselves well to various styles, from sumptuous jewel-toned velvet designs that evoke boutique hotel vibes to minimal Scandinavian aesthetics. DFS’ Anya ottoman, for instance, upholstered with versatile grey herringbone fabric comes up to super king size; for something cottagecore-inspired consider DFS’ Cath Kidston Flounce ottoman featuring its cushioned headboard adorned with the iconic brand’s floral prints – both have versatile boxy shapes with which they work.

Ottoman beds typically open from their bases, though you can also find models that open on one side as space-saving solutions for smaller bedrooms. Before purchasing one, make sure that it will fit into the dimensions of your room, and be sure to read and assemble its instructions thoroughly.