April 15, 2024

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Is the Brisbane Jets NRL Bid Dead?

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brisbane jets nrl bid

Despite the rumours, it is very unlikely that the Brisbane Jets will bid for the National Rugby League. In fact, there is a high possibility that the Melbourne Storm will come out on top. In fact, a recent report has suggested that the Storm wants to strike a deal with News Corp.

Ipswich City Council is willing to fund more than $10 million for a stadium

During the footy finals last September, Ipswich City Council was thrust into the spotlight as a potential partner for the Western Corridor National Rugby League (NRL) bid. Ipswich City Council is prepared to commit more than $10 million to the stadium phase of the project. But there are a number of conditions, including state government funding.

The Western Corridor bid is a community-owned model, and is backed by Ipswich City Council. The stadium phase is expected to cost around $20 million. If Ipswich City Council commits to $10 million, it will be subject to a match from the Federal and State Governments.

As part of the SEQ City Deal, Ipswich will receive access to $400 million in regional funding pools. This will help the city to grow and prosper, and will help deliver thousands of local jobs. The SEQ City Deal is a 20-year partnership between the Australian and Queensland governments, with the goal of transforming SEQ into an even better place to live.

Ipswich City Council has outlined nine main factors supporting the bid

During an April meeting between Mayor Teresa Harding and Treasurer Jim Chalmers, the two discussed Brisbane’s proposed Jets NRL bid. The Brisbane Jets are a proposed NRL team for southeast Queensland. They are a mix of Ipswich-based clubs and Sydney-based clubs.

The Jets will play most of their games at Lang Park, but the team also plans to play at Ipswich’s North Ipswich Reserve. The reserve is in need of major grandstand improvements, and lighting and other facilities.

During the Ipswich State election in April, a number of successful local candidates committed to delivering major projects for the region. These projects will also benefit from commitments from the new Albanese Government.

The ALP also committed $20 million to make North Ipswich Reserve NRL-ready. The Jets plan to redevelop the reserve into a 20,000-seat stadium.

The new Brisbane Jets nrl bid is the next step in the NRL’s search for a team in Queensland. The Jets’ bid meets the five criteria that the NRL set for a successful bid.

Melbourne Storm has ‘rained’ on the Redcliffe Dolphins NRL bid

Despite the red-hot interest in Munster, the Dolphins have not been able to secure a deal. The star has given up a significant amount of money to stay in Melbourne, but the Dolphins have not backed down from their interest.

In the early part of the year, it seemed like the Dolphins had a legitimate shot at signing Munster. His contract with Melbourne Storm had just been renewed for four years and his manager was using a Fox Sports platform to talk about his value.

However, after a few months of negotiations, it seemed like the Dolphins were not on the same page as the Storm. The two clubs did not meet until early November. The NRL rules stipulate that players can talk to other clubs throughout their existing contracts.

Munster’s decision to stay in Melbourne ended months of speculation about his playing future. His manager has also used the Fox Sports platform to talk up his value. He could have signed a five-year deal for more than $4 million.

Melbourne Storm wants to strike a deal with News Corp

Earlier this week, Melbourne Storm announced that they were in talks with Will Warbrick, the All Blacks Rugby Sevens star. Warbrick posted a video of himself flying to Melbourne on Instagram, a sign that talks between the two sides have intensified.

Melbourne’s owners have also guaranteed that the club will use a new Melbourne stadium for a set period. The new stadium is expected to host 50 matches a year, with the first games to be played in May 2010.

The new stadium is part of a bid by Melbourne Football Club to enter the Super 15 rugby union competition. The stadium is located on the same site as the Olympic Park, which the Storm plays in. It was originally part of a failed bid for a Super 14 rugby union franchise in 2004.

Melbourne Storm have started negotiations with Cameron Munster and Harry Grant. They are looking to bolster their backline stocks. They have also secured a number of key players, including Xavier Coates, who joined the Storm at the end of last season. Coates is expected to be Melbourne’s strike outside back for at least five seasons.