July 17, 2024

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Brisbane Street – A Popular Place For Tourists and Locals

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Brisbane Street is a beloved destination for both tourists and locals. It boasts some of the city’s most iconic attractions such as King George Square Mooney Fountain, City Botanic Gardens and Post Office Square.

In 1865, the Brisbane street ‘Union Chapel’ was constructed as a Sunday school for the indigent children of Launceston. Though it only served one purpose for a short while, its history and how religious philanthropists attempted to provide shelter and security for Launceston’s poorest residents remains fascinating today.


In 1840, surveyor Robert Dixon laid out a grid pattern of square blocks and ten chains along each street which measured 66 feet wide (approximately 20 meters). The streets were designed to connect the various buildings and activities within the town centre.

This marked a dramatic improvement over the earlier tracks that had been established, which were mostly used for transporting sheep and cattle from Penitentiary Settlement all the way to Limestone.

The convict track leading from Clarence Corner eastward along Boggo Scrub and Burnett’s Swamp was replaced by a more direct route in the late 1860s.


Brisbane has long been associated with several significant architectural styles that have helped define our city’s identity. These include modernism, naturalism, revivalism and minimalism – features which have been prominent in many designs throughout the years.

One of the most iconic landmarks in Brisbane and its riverfront area is Customs House, an iconic Victorian Free Classical building that still manages to stand out amongst neighboring high rise offices. It is one of only two remaining Customs houses in Australia and a prominent landmark for both residents and tourists alike.

Queen Street and King George Square meet here, creating a popular public space for meetings, rallies and protests. As part of the Inner-Northern Busway project, it has also been renovated.


Brisbane, Australia boasts an exciting shopping culture. It’s no wonder that Brisbane streets have become so popular due to the city’s warm tropical climate that influences fashion and style trends.

Amanda Shadforth, founder of Oracle Fox, loves Brisbane’s eclectic yet relaxed vibe that can be found in its boutique-style shopping precincts. Her favorite spot is Westfield Chermside, which produces beautiful fashion campaigns and offers convenient valet service.

She loves QueensPlaza, an elegant shopping mall featuring designer brands like Burberry, Tiffany & Co., Louis Vuitton and more – plus it houses a Mecca Cosmetica beauty store!


Brisbane boasts an enviable foodie scene, offering visitors a wide range of culinary experiences from Asian meals to sweet treats and Italian cuisine. So no matter what your preference is for a tasty bite to eat – Brisbane has got something for everyone!

Street vendors provide an ideal opportunity to try different cuisines without breaking your budget. Brisbane boasts numerous food streets where you can sample a wide range of dishes without breaking the bank.

In addition to street food, Brisbane Street offers plenty of restaurants with delicious dishes at reasonable prices. Group dining is also an option if you’re traveling with a large group.


Brisbane street offers an abundance of nightlife choices. From chic clubs and bars to fantastic live music venues, it’s the perfect spot for a fun-filled night out.

The CBD is filled with laneway micro bars, from Super Whatnot in Burnett Lane to subterranean Brew in Burnett Lane and Donna Chang’s former bank vault. You’ll also find steampunk Legends Bar beneath Regatta Hotel as well as The Walrus Club – another speakeasy-style venue.

Iris is a rooftop bar at Hotel X that’s fast becoming one of the city’s premier nightlife destinations. Enjoy stunning views of Brunswick Street, the city skyline and Story Bridge while sipping on your drink.