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Brisbane Grammar School – Breaking News Today

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For more than 150 years, Brisbane Grammar School has set the bar for educational excellence in Australia. It is the premier boys’ school in Queensland, combining a tradition of excellence with modernity and innovation. From its infrastructure of modern classrooms for each boy to the groundbreaking STEAM Precinct slated to open in 2023, the school embodies a leading approach to teaching and learning. Its school values are rooted in an Effective Thinking Culture that promotes adaptive and self-regulation.

The school’s Drama program is thriving and includes numerous performances of musicals and plays. The school also offers opportunities for debating and public speaking. It participates in annual competitions with other Greater Public Schools and the Queensland Debating Union. It also offers a thriving Enterprise Education Group and special interest groups.

The school was originally a two-storey building on George Street. It started out with fifty students, but quickly outgrew its first premises and relocated to Wickham Terrace. In 1882, the Brisbane Girls’ Grammar School separated from the Boys’ Grammar School and operated independently under the Grammar Schools Act.

David Welsh is a former student at Brisbane Grammar School who is seeking $30 million in damages. His case stems from the alleged abuse by paedophile Kevin Lynch while he was a student at the school. He was one of 130 victims of Lynch, a former school counsellor. Lynch raped teenage boys while they were under the school’s care. The school is the oldest secondary school in Brisbane.

The school boasts a long list of distinguished alumni. Many famous Australian sportsmen have attended BGS. Its alumni include Gar Moon, the first ever Queenslander to play in the Davis Cup for Australia. Roy Emerson, an all-time great tennis player, is another alumnus. The school also has three coaches who have competed in the main draw of Wimbledon.

The school is located near Roma Street and Normanby stations. It is accessible via the tram, bus, or train. Moovit offers directions to Brisbane Grammar School from nearby areas. It offers free maps and real-time information on the time it takes to get there and back. If you don’t have access to a GPS, Moovit will help you find the quickest and safest route.

The school offers many co-curricular activities. Students can participate in sports, visual arts, and performing arts. They can even join special interest clubs. This allows them to develop leadership and teamwork skills. They can also try their hand at fencing and martial arts. This is just a sample of what the school offers.

In the past, there have been many allegations of sexual abuse at BGS. Some were attributed to Kevin Lynch, who was a staff member at the time. He abused a number of students, often behind closed doors. He stayed in his position as school counselor for 15 years, despite the accusations.

The school has been apologetic for these claims and subsequently joined the National Redress Scheme. The school has also agreed to reimburse victims for their school fees. A personal apology has been sent to the victims by the school. However, the school has not been without a long and hard road. Even after the school joined the scheme, there are still a number of lawsuits and claims filed against it. Even if the school does win, it could be bankrupted by the legal battle.

In addition to its sporting achievements, BGS is known for its debating teams. In 2010, the Senior A Debating Team won the Queensland State Competition and had a member on the Australian team. Furthermore, the Senior A Debating Team won the QDU and GPS premierships in 2009 and 2010, while the Year 12 Debating cohort was the most successful in school history.

Despite the numerous complaints, the school’s headmasters were not doing anything to stop Gregory Robert Knight from continuing to teach at the school. The School’s headmasters failed to report the incidents of Knight to the police. They also failed to take steps to protect the students’ welfare.