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The Brisbane Street Post Office in Greenock is Closing on Friday, August 27

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The Brisbane Street Post Office has been a feature of the west end of Greenock for several years. Unfortunately, it will be closing on Friday, August 27. While the Post Office is looking for a replacement postmaster, they cannot comment on the impact of the closure on jobs in the community. If you have been using the Brisbane Street Post Office for several years, you may want to consider finding another location. The following are some things to consider before heading to Brisbane Street.

The Post Office on Brisbane Street is a Victorian-era building with a small courtyard. It now serves as the reception area for the Hampton Cosmetic Clinic. The courtyard has curved brick paths and quartz garden beds. The building was once a post office, but it was converted into a commercial building in 1994. The former Post Office on Brisbane Street is currently occupied by a Language Centre Bookshop, which specialised in foreign-language materials. The side yard is now home to residential units, and there is a carport in the rear.

This post office has served the community for many years. It is a Federation Arts and Crafts-style building that was originally constructed in 1886. Afterward, it was restored in the late twentieth century after the post office burned down in the 1920s. The Post Office is now a beauty therapy centre, but the post office is still an important part of Brisbane’s heritage. Its heritage-listed heritage status is an added bonus.

The Brisbane Post office on Brisbane’s historic Limestone Street is a prime example of a Victorian-era post office. The building, which sits between Brisbane and Limestone streets, is located across from the Post Office Square. The Brisbane Street Post Office is one of the oldest in Australia. It is an important part of the city’s history, and it is likely to be renovated to become a landmark in the city.

When you need to send a letter or package, the Brisbane Street Post Office on Brisbane Street in Greenock is an excellent place to visit. It serves the suburbs of Greenock, including Branchton, Bow Farm, Cardwell Bay, and Pennyfern. To contact the office, you can visit its website or call 01475 721735. You can also send them an email. The address and telephone number are listed below.

The Brisbane Street Post Office is one of five examples of the suburban post office with a post master’s residence in Metropolitan Perth. It was built during the gold rush era to serve the rapidly growing suburbs of the city. Other similar post offices include Hay Street, Leederville, and Victoria Park. Listed in Wise’s Directory in 1898, it was operated by Mrs F. W. Stokes for several years.

This two-storey stone Post Office was constructed in the late 1800s. It also included accommodation for the post master and his family. Until recently, it was home to the Martha Hampton Clinic and the Post Office. The building’s original design was documented in a Heritage Assessment and Conservation Plan prepared by Slavin Architects and Erickson & Taylor in 2002. The Post Office will remain open to the public as long as the original design is maintained.