April 15, 2024

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Brisbane Olympics 2028 Bid Process

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Having been a fan of the Brisbane Olympics, I am excited for the upcoming games in 2028. This is an amazing opportunity for the city to showcase itself, as well as the many amazing athletes that call it home. As part of the process, the city has begun to put together plans to make sure that the city is ready for the games. One of those projects is the bid process. Below, you will find a quick look at the process of bidding for the Olympic Games, as well as some of the infrastructure projects that are expected to be part of the process.

Bid process

Traditionally, Olympic hosts are chosen by the IOC seven years before the Games. But recent reforms have made the process more flexible, while also taking into account public opinion.

Brisbane was one of several cities to explore a bid for the 2028 Olympics. But the IOC decided to award both the 2024 and 2028 Summer Games to Paris and Los Angeles, respectively.

The new process begins earlier, and has a streamlined selection process that reduces the chances of expensive bidding wars. The IOC also mandated that each of the bidders present a detailed proposal and document every step of the process.

The new system also allows the IOC to approach potential candidates, which is a big deal. A Future Host Commission will run feasibility assessments on the chosen cities, highlighting their opportunities and shortcomings.

The new system also requires each of the selected cities to commit to building less than ten percent of new infrastructure for the Games. This ensures that construction costs are manageable.

Infrastructure projects

Earlier this year, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) awarded the 2032 Olympic Games to Brisbane. This was good news for Brisbane, Australia’s fastest growing state, and South East Queensland. It also marks the start of an eleven-year planning period. The Games will bring significant whole-of-State benefits. Brisbane’s winning bid is aimed at delivering positive long-term change in south-east Queensland.

The Brisbane 2032 Olympic bid is designed to leverage existing infrastructure and sports facilities to further sustainable urban development and climate positive principles. The bid also aligns with the Queensland Government’s strategy to position SEQ as a world-class tourism and wellbeing capital. Brisbane will be positioned as an international destination, delivering more than $1 billion in benefits to Queensland.

The IOC’s “New Norm’s” guidelines focus on sustainability, cost effectiveness and long-term value. It also requires new construction to be aligned with host cities’ needs. Brisbane’s bid will target six-star Green Star for Buildings ratings.


Traditionally, hosting an Olympics comes with a large environmental footprint. Brisbane’s new bid is designed to be sustainable in every respect. It will avoid the dreaded legacy of abandoned stadiums. Rather, it will create a long-lasting connection between people and place.

Brisbane has a lot to offer for a future Olympics. Its climate is perfect for sporting events and the city already has several infrastructure projects in various stages of development. The Queensland Government committed to splitting infrastructure costs 50-50 with local governments. It also plans to have 90 per cent of athletes and spectators use public transport.

Andrew N. Liveris AO, chairman of the Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games Organising Committee, gave a speech at the Queensland Media Club. He discussed the upcoming Games and how they will create a lasting legacy for Brisbane. He also spoke about the 3-3-3-1 year planning model.

Rugby league hopes to be a part of the Olympics

Despite being banned from the 1900 Paris Olympics, rugby league has been put back on the Olympic program for the first time in 92 years. International Rugby League chairman Troy Grant hopes to have the sport back in the Summer Olympics in Brisbane in 2032.

The league has already been awarded observer status with the Global Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF) and has advanced in talks to become a full member. Rugby league hopes to have a nines tournament included in the 2032 Olympic Games program.

The league’s international rugby league executives began lobbying the Queensland State government in May during the NRL Magic Round in Brisbane. They plan to gain full IOC membership by the time the 2032 Olympics roll around.

Brisbane’s bid committee argues that the games will produce around $17 billion in economic benefits for the city. It is expected that some events will be held on the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, and across Queensland.