April 23, 2024

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The Difference Between Brisbane and Perth

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Those who have been to Australia are familiar with the difference between the two biggest cities in the country, Brisbane and Perth. While both cities offer different experiences, there are certain factors that they share in common. The cost of living, the weather, and accommodation are all major concerns that people have before traveling to the country.


Those who are planning on a trip to Australia should be aware of the weather in Brisbane and Perth. They should also know that the two cities are located at very different latitudes. The weather in Brisbane is more humid than the one in Perth.

The climate in Brisbane is oceanic and subtropical, while the one in Perth is Mediterranean. Consequently, Brisbane is less prone to extreme temperature variations. The temperature ranges in Brisbane are also wider than in Perth. It is also warmer in Brisbane.

There are also very few days with temperatures above or below 38 degC. This statistic is derived from the Bureau of Meteorology’s summer day counts. However, summer in Brisbane is often hot and humid. The night time temperature is also often quite cold.

Cost of living

Compared to Perth, the cost of living in Brisbane is slightly more expensive. The cost of living in Brisbane is also higher than other Australian cities, such as Sydney. However, the cost of living in Brisbane is still less than London, New York or even Melbourne.

Perth has higher wages than Brisbane. It is a great place to live for young families. It is a sunny, safe city, which is good for kids.

Perth has the world’s largest inland park, Kings Park. It is ideal for sightseeing. The weather is also nice in Perth. The temperatures are very mild, especially in winter.

The average temperature in Brisbane is around 30 degC. Brisbane is a great city for outdoor activities. It has a subtropical climate. In winter, the temperature is mild, but in summer, it can be hot. Brisbane is also very close to the Great Barrier Reef. Brisbane also offers lots of entertainment.

Property prices

Compared to the average house price in Australia’s five capital cities, Brisbane and Perth house prices are outperforming the rest. In September, Brisbane’s median house price was $841,923, while Perth’s was $584,941. Brisbane house prices also outperformed Adelaide and Melbourne house prices.

According to CoreLogic’s national Home Value Index, house prices in Australia’s combined capital cities were down by 1.2% in October. In addition, all of Australia’s major house markets recorded a decline in value.

The pace of the decline has eased in Sydney and Melbourne. However, in Brisbane, the rate of decline has been gathering momentum. Similarly, Perth and Adelaide house prices are falling at a faster pace than other capital cities.

Accommodation costs

Despite their differences in size and population, both Perth and Brisbane are fairly affordable. Compared to other Australian capital cities, Brisbane ranks among the cheaper cities to live in.

The average cost of living in Brisbane is approximately $400 to $750 per week, which is fairly comparable to other Australian cities. Brisbane ranks in the top four of most affordable Australian cities.

One of the biggest concerns of students is accommodation. The cost of accommodation in Brisbane is relatively low, making it a good place for a student to live. A one-bedroom apartment can cost up to $1700 per month, while a two-bedroom apartment is more affordable.

Entertainment and sightseeing costs

Located on the Pacific coast, Brisbane and Perth have plenty to offer. The cities boast an array of culture, art, and entertainment options.

Brisbane is a relatively young city, which is reflected in its low-key vibe. There is a lot to see and do in this coastal metropolis, from street art to underground operas. Brisbane is also home to Australian natives such as the Torres Strait Islander people.

For many, the obvious choice is to hit the beach. Brisbane boasts the third largest beach in Australia. It’s also home to many hidden gems. Despite its modest size, Brisbane is a very modern and cosmopolitan city. The area boasts a number of parks and gardens, as well as several museums.

Sydney is Australia’s biggest and most iconic city

Known as the gateway to Australia, Sydney is the oldest and largest city in Australia. It is a cosmopolitan city with an international outlook. Its culture is a reflection of the diverse contributions of the many people who have made it home.

The city is surrounded by the natural landscape of the surrounding region. It is home to a number of national parks. The area also has magnificent sandy beaches. It is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Australia.

Among the many attractions of the city are the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge. The Opera House is one of the most well-known landmarks in the world.