July 14, 2024

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How to Take a Brisbane Bus Without a Go Card

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brisbane bus without go card

If you’re in Brisbane and don’t have a go card, you can still take public transport. You can purchase a go card online or at a TransLink outlet. You can also purchase single paper tickets, which cost less than a go card. It is advisable to buy a go card, however, since you can use it to get on and off buses.

A GO card can make bus travel in Brisbane easier. These cards work on any Brisbane bus, and you can buy them at any bus station. When you board the bus, you simply touch the card to the front and back doors. A screen will appear to show the fare. You can also use cash or a prepaid card to pay for the fare.

The bus system in Brisbane is a very comprehensive one. It connects the outer suburbs with the central business district and major shopping and dining precincts. If you don’t have a go card, you can still take the bus – you won’t pay a penny. However, if you plan to take public transportation in Brisbane on a regular basis, a go card could save you a lot of money.

If you don’t have a gocard, you can buy one at the train station or online. You can load money on the card, then tap it on the reader to pay for fares. You can also buy a student pass, which will provide you with a discount on bus fares. This discount is especially important if you plan to take public transport in Brisbane for a long time.