July 17, 2024

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The Best Places to Find Brisbane Houses For Sale

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CoreLogic research suggests that homes within 5-7 km of the CBD and with strong school catchment zones offer the greatest long-term capital growth prospects. According to them, home buyers only require 40% of their income to cover mortgage repayments.

As always, Brisbane housing markets vary widely by price point and geography – as we move toward 2023 it will be crucial that property selection is carefully considered.

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Brisbane, the state capital of Queensland, is a popular place to buy property. Boasting a growing population, stable economy, and various business and recreation opportunities for buyers to take advantage of, it presents plenty of opportunity. Furthermore, investors looking for rental real estate often favor Brisbane over other places. But purchasing property can be tricky business. What may seem promising initially may end up falling short.

Before beginning your home search, it is best to have an idea of exactly what type of property you wish for. Perhaps you envision living close to the city centre in an elegant home; or you could prefer quiet neighborhoods with great schools and local amenities. Whatever you prefer, JamesEdition offers a selection of luxurious properties available for sale in Brisbane that match up perfectly with your criteria – use their Property Match feature for even faster updates on listings that meet them!


When purchasing a house in Brisbane it’s essential to keep its size in mind. While prices have steadily increased across the city, certain suburbs offer good value homes with generous block sizes at more reasonable rates, making them a viable alternative to more costly inner city properties.

As part of your property search, it’s advisable to consider both the average price per square foot and median condo sale price statistics as they provide insight into the market and can indicate whether there has been an uptick or decrease in demand.

Looking at the average house price in a specific suburb will help give you a clearer idea of what the local real estate market has in store, as well as whether a particular property is worth buying or not; typically houses closer to city centres are typically more costly than ones on larger blocks.


Brisbane property market offers an abundance of different house styles for sale. From traditional Queenslanders to more contemporary properties, you are bound to find what you are searching for somewhere within its suburbs. However, remember that purchasing a home is a big commitment; do your research carefully before making a decision on one type over another.

If you’re considering purchasing a modern project home, make sure you take note of any site plans before making a final decision. Also pay attention to its surroundings, like whether there are schools and amenities nearby.

JamesEdition can help you locate luxurious homes that match your criteria and budget, with filters to narrow your search and save listings for future reference – this way you’ll receive notifications if they change status!


Brisbane property has long been recognized for being more affordable than that of other major capitals, with the median dwelling price falling well below the national average and significantly cheaper than Sydney and Melbourne – making it an attractive option for investors and home buyers with budget constraints.

Before choosing their ideal location, buyers should carefully consider their weekly family income. This will allow them to better determine how long their commute may be and the amenities that are important to them in terms of lifestyle amenities nearby. It will also assist them in finding the most suitable suburb and avoiding overstretching financially in the future.

Current Brisbane house for sale options with affordable housing costs can be found in Moreton Bay South and Ipswich council areas, which boast affordable houses with growth potential. Brisbane City Council area also provides some reasonable options, such as Rocklea and Ellen Grove which both boast close proximity to the CBD while boasting good schools.