April 15, 2024

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A father and son duo who scammed seniors has been sentenced. Additionally, an out-of-court settlement will soon take place between rival gangs; and wearable wristbands that track UV exposure have recently become available to track your personal exposure levels.

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Cleanup efforts continue following Queensland’s north being struck by a powerful storm on Friday night, producing over 190,000 lightning strikes and 170km/h winds in Brisbane alone. A seven-year-old boy remains missing as clean up operations commence after this severe cyclone-like weather event hit Brisbane late that night with 170km/h winds and more than 194,000 lightning strikes – likening it to an actual cyclone.

John Aloisi says it doesn’t bother him that Western United’s coach, Phil Brown will be coaching against him in their A-League match against Adelaide United on September 29.

According to the Bureau of Meteorology, Christmas 2018 in NSW will be muggy and humid with showers and thunderstorms being possible across the state. Cool southerly winds may bring cooler temperatures with possible showers over Christmas Day and New Years Day.

Autumn in Brisbane is an ideal time of year, as the climate warms from March and drops off by May. Daytime temperatures may still reach high 20s but night temperatures tend to be much more comfortable – perfect for visitors new to tropical climate!


Queensland workers stand to benefit from pay raises under this week’s state budget announcement, but according to a small-business lobby group leader it will do nothing positive for business or employment opportunities.

An elderly Queensland man is fighting to prevent his home being demolished as part of the Gabba redevelopment for the 2032 Olympic Games, while his state treasurer has decided against plans to rename Brisbane Stadium.

Bundaberg Hospital’s unqualified doctor known as ‘Dr Death’ has been accused of engaging in misconduct; an independent inquiry will probe this allegation. Opposition parties and local communities argue the terms of reference of this investigation are too narrow.

Henry Kissinger, former US Secretary of State under presidents Nixon and Ford, died at 100. Soumaya remembers her husband fondly as being generous to family, friends and passionate about his country. They created an indelible legacy through their charity efforts that raised over one billion for people in need – particularly children.


Brisbane police will bolster patrols and crime prevention initiatives during the Summer holidays to keep homes safer.

The father of murdered teenager Angus Beaumont wants to meet with Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk after feeling “betrayed” by youth crime reforms.

After leaving her job to join her husband’s drug trafficking operation, an educated mother-of-two with a masters degree has turned into a drug trafficker and feels trapped by war-torn Yugoslavia.

Residents of a quiet street in Brisbane’s northside were horrified at what a teenage boy was involved with, so they launched an online campaign against him. Gang violence on Brisbane’s northside is part of a wider issue; rival youth gangs from opposite sides of the city battle each other while stealing luxury cars from drivers parked there. People from these streets frequently travel to NYC because it feels safer; in addition, it contains many Hong Kong Chinese immigrants who don’t mesh well with local culture.


As Australia prepares to host the 2032 Olympics, a new ranking of world sports cities highlights Brisbane’s rising status as one of Australia’s premier sporting cities. Queensland’s capital edged out Melbourne, Sydney and Gold Coast to take 15th place.

Nova Brisbane breakfast co-hosts David “Lutsy” Lutteral and Chris Jones from The Courier-Mail discuss Brisbane’s transformation into an Olympic town, featuring The Gabba as its centerpiece venue. Athletics and rugby league preliminary matches will also take place here.

Scott Sharples from Paddle Queensland says the city’s Olympic venue master plan could be transformative for his sport. Improvements that would usually take 30 years could now be completed faster leading up to the Games,” he explained. Local council will oversee construction and ensure venues are ready for use by athletes at Games time; federal funding will also provide necessary support; Richard Colbeck and Ted O’Brien were recently appointed MPs on Brisbane Olympic Consortium for Organising of Games (BOCOG).