July 17, 2024

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How the Brisbane Lions Are Engaging With Their Fans

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Chris Fagan of the Brisbane Lions believes his club can make use of the new rules governing free kicks this season and emphasizes their team has prioritized defence this year.

Many can enjoy watching spearheads work from their sofa, but few get to experience it first-hand like Lincoln McCarthy from Brisbane Lions.


The Lions have enjoyed an illustrious history in AFL history. In 2001-02-03, they achieved a historic triple premiership hat-trick and cemented AFL as a key sport in Queensland. At that time, the club recruited high-calibre players like Victorian Luke Power and Fitzroy father-son selection Jonathan Brown along with veteran midfielder Michael Voss from Carlton as well as WAFL youngster Simon Black to strengthen its ranks.

The team started off the season strong, scoring an impressive nine-point victory against St Kilda in Round 2. Unfortunately, their form quickly dissipated and they finished poorly for 2016.

The Lions have experienced one of the longest losing streaks at the MCG since modern era began: 13 consecutive losses at home ground. Yet despite this setback, their outlook remains positive; they boast strong relationships with Fitzroy and administer an award-winning Masters League as well as managing 700 junior participants in YJFL league competition. Furthermore, the Lions participate in various community projects.

Supporters club

The Brisbane Lions are one of AFL’s premier clubs with an immense fan base that supports both men’s and women’s teams. Fans are highly engaged, particularly on Facebook which accounts for much of their social media engagement. Their fan engagement can sometimes prove difficult to manage quickly and cost effectively when fans seek tickets or transport information on game day.

Football Queensland’s National Premier League competitions, and are an integral part of The Lions Club of Brisbane. 42 MiniRoos teams (aged 6-8) compete, along with 8 FQ Academy teams (ages 9-12). Additionally, The Lions offer an active Masters program which at present counts 97 participants.

The club was formed through a merger between Brisbane Bears and Fitzroy Lions, two historic foundation clubs with long histories in VFL/AFL competition. This merger marked a groundbreaking step that resulted in three consecutive premiership wins as one strong, competitive force.

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In 2022, the Lions secured their first top-four finish since 2009 and made a thrilling run to a preliminary final. Their comeback was propelled by Lachie Neale from Adelaide Crows and father-son draftee Jack Gunston; further bolstering defence by recruiting veteran premiership player Michael Voss.

Starting as Hollandia before changing to Brisbane Lions, the club competed for over 20 years in lower and first division Queensland soccer competitions from their Richlands home ground before accepting an invite to join the national league.

Starting off as uncompetitive on the field, the Lions struggled to shake derisive nicknames such as “The Carrara Koalas” and “The Bad News Bears”, yet became known for its community involvement and social activities in its early years. By 2007, however, they had earned themselves second place behind Carlton in the NAB Cup competition while also becoming first AFL team with five co-captains.

Social media

The Brisbane Lions offer fans various social media outlets through which they can interact with the club and its players. Their Twitter and Facebook accounts regularly post news, photos, and updates about their club while their website hosts fan forums for fans to interact.

Brisbane Lions kicked off their 2023 AFL campaign with an agonising loss against Richmond in their qualifying final, meaning they failed to progress to semi-final and lost out on competing for one of two premiership spots in competition.

Collingwood midfielder Jack Crisp has had an eventful week following the release of an indecent video depicting him. A dual best-and-fairest winner, Crisp is facing allegations of sexual misconduct despite denying these claims as false.