April 15, 2024

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Buying a Brisbane House

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Brisbane houses are designed for full-time living and offer indoor/outdoor living space with breezy verandas – making them a great option for urbanites who wish to live closer to nature.

This tall and skinny stone house, listed on both State and National Registers of Historic Places, sleeps 10 people in its main house as well as four more in an additional “summer kitchen” bedroom. Lachlan and Tanya Jenkins of Nielsen Jenkins Architects have skillfully renovated it over time.

The story of Brisbane House

When buying an older house in Brisbane, its style can provide valuable insights into its past. The State Library provides several free resources that will help you explore past residents by searching post office directories, electoral rolls and newspapers from previous inhabitants – these resources can be found both online via Brisbane Images as well as microfiche in Level 3 at the Library.

Built by William Henry Brisbane, an abolitionist from South Carolina, in 1868, this historic stone home blends modern comfort with historic appointments. We honor his courage by displaying original contemporary artwork by nationally-known Black artists and providing access to our library of anti-racist literature.

Our home can sleep 10 guests on 18 wooded acres. Perfect for book clubs, APT binges, girl’s weekends, reunions or ski weekends; plus your stay helps support ongoing restoration projects! Bring along your pets too – they love coming too! For more details please inquire.

The design

The Brisbane House is a full service building and interior design studio operating out of Brisbane, from conception to completion. They take an integrated approach to new builds and renovations that results in spaces with incredible aesthetic value and functionality – providing their clients with inspired spaces that exceed expectations in both quality and beauty.

This traditional character home features an asymmetrical, multi-layered facade crafted in timber and fibro sheeting that contrasts sharply. The long horizontal proportions of its upper level sit atop a brick foundation reminiscent of Queenslander styles, while two verandahs provide extra natural lighting into lower level living spaces.

CG Design Studio takes great pleasure in crafting inspiring homes that reflect their clients’ personalities and lifestyles, such as this breathtaking project featuring curved glass feature doors and windows designed to maximize light penetration while connecting them with outdoor areas. Cladding features dark-toned frames to highlight each glass element’s own visual presence as part of this stunning architecture project. CG Design Studio pride themselves on creating homes that reflect these qualities while simultaneously reflecting this stunning project’s architecture.

The interior

Brisbane House provides the ideal combination of modern comfort and historical appointments. First constructed 150 years ago by an abolitionist from South Carolina, this stone home is unique in Wisconsin – sitting on 18 wooded acres – ideal for hiking, croquet or relaxing by the fireside. Your stay supports ongoing restoration of this historic property!

Maximizing space and experience on a small block was the primary focus of this design. Existing spotted gum flooring was kept upstairs while terracotta tiling was installed downstairs, along with new textured carpet chosen to complement this material palette. Jeremy designed windows that provide protection from strong Queensland sun while still allowing light into and reflecting throughout the home interior.

The exterior

Houses in Brisbane come in various architectural styles. Additionally, their construction can also be affected by environmental conditions; buildings near beaches may be susceptible to blowing sand damage that accumulates dirt, algae and mould that leads to health concerns for residents. A comprehensive cleaning of your exterior home’s exterior may help address such concerns.

House prices in Brisbane typically depend on its size. This may be partly influenced by how houses are often sold together with land packages, while some localities restrict maximum building sizes on any one lot.

House cleaning service prices can also depend on whether or not a company employs one-person teams or dedicated staff, with companies with dedicated teams typically charging more as they are capable of quickly handling large jobs while producing more consistent work and with improved quality as a result.