April 14, 2024

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Brisbane Zoo – The Best Family Attraction in Australia

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Australia Zoo is one of Brisbane‘s must-see family attractions and well worth making time for. Booking ahead for discounts and taking advantage of their free map upon entry are both highly recommended, while prams, tag along wagons and wheelchairs can all be hired upon entry.

Kids can get an exclusive behind the scenes tour of an animal hospital for a nominal additional fee (proceeds go towards wildlife care). It is very educational.

Roo Heaven

At Roo Heaven, the kangaroos love being fed hand-fed treats and will even pose for photos with visitors – just remember to adhere to all zoo rules when approaching and feeding these friendly creatures!

At Roo Heaven you can feed wallabies and kangaroos for a small fee and observe koalas at Koala Walkthrough – or you can purchase an interactive animal encounter ticket if desired – for just a small extra charge. The Zoo also provides many interactive animal encounters; please see their website for details on these costs.

Australia Zoo, situated an hour’s drive north of Brisbane on the Sunshine Coast, features native Australian animals alongside those found in South East Asia or Africa’s Savannahs. Made famous by television programs like “The Crocodile Hunter”, this 105 acre zoo also hosts entertaining animal shows as well as Australia’s largest Wildlife Hospital – making for an entertaining visit!

There’s also the Tiger Temple, an enclosed space resembling an ancient South East Asian temple where you can watch Sumatran Tigers roam and swim freely. Additionally, this zoo offers seal shows, bird of prey exhibits, barn encounters and seal shows that will provide hours of fun activities to share with Brisbane Kids.

Koala Walkthrough

Koala cuddles are an engaging attraction of Australia for visitors, yet it is essential to note that in some states it is illegal to hold them when they have pouch or back young. Furthermore, it should also be noted that koalas need rest so time spent cuddling one during wildlife keeper-led meet and greet sessions will likely be limited.

Learn about koalas at Koala Live Show or arrange a koala encounter with one of the park’s animal keepers, or enjoy one of many exhibits or shows such as Crocoseum (where crocs will be fed).

Wildlife Hospital

Australia Zoo would not be complete without visiting its animal hospital, which takes its cue from Lyn Irwin’s pioneering wildlife care and rehabilitation efforts. Here sick or injured animals are cared for – it serves an integral part of Australia Zoo in keeping its unique wildlife safe.

Visitors to the hospital can take part in an animal encounter during their tour, watching doctors and nurses as they treat orphaned and injured animals. Orphans are provided with a warm humidicrib before being placed with wildlife carers who will nurse them back to health before being released back into nature.

This zoo, located in Beerwah on the Sunshine Coast, is famous for its crocodile shows and educational programs. Visitors from all around the globe visit this landmark attraction; home to Mount Franklin Crocoseum for bird, snake and crocodile shows performed daily!

Tiger Temple

Last week, millions of Australians tuned in to watch a zookeeper feed his two tiger cubs Spot and Stripe at Australia Zoo (originally Beerwah Reptile Park when first opened) as their mother fed them. Awws and oohs echoed around the nation; reminding all why Australia Zoo remains such a beloved attraction.

Australia Zoo is well known for its native animal encounters, such as koala cuddles and Aussie sheep shearing. There’s something here for every age from an Outback Sheep Shearing Encounter all the way up to an ultimate Platinum VIP Tour experience – there’s sure to be something fun here for all.

New shows and exhibits are always popping up here at Sea Life London Aquarium, such as the Africa Safari: an interactive replica of Africa’s Serengeti ecosystem that includes giraffe, zebra, rhinoceros and cheetahs interacting as they would in nature.