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Brisbane Moss Corduroy Trousers

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brisbane moss corduroy

Brisbane Moss is a British manufacturer of corduroy and moleskin clothing. The company exports its products worldwide, including the popular corduroy and moleskin jackets and pants that are worn by celebrities and fashion houses like Gucci, Ralph Lauren, and Aquascutum. About 44 percent of the company’s output is exported to Italy. In addition, the company produces a wide range of other cloths, including bags, hats, and accessories.

The Brisbane and Moss brand has been producing fine fabrics since 1858 and is famous for its moleskin and corduroy fabrics. The company uses traditional craft techniques and uses superior materials to produce a wide range of high quality fabrics. They pride themselves on the quality of their products and are one of the few companies in Australia that has such a rich history. From corduroy to velvet to moleskin, you can find a great collection of Brisbane Moss moleskin and corduroy.

The materials that go into Brisbane Moss cord trousers are made from the finest wool. The company uses high-quality wool from Australia and Austria, which is further processed in Italy. This ensures a rich, comfortable fabric that is made from the finest available yarns. This makes Brisbane Moss a high-quality product that lasts a long time. If you’re looking for an affordable pair of Brisbane Moss corduroy trousers, check out their online store today!

When it comes to corduroy trousers, Brisbane Moss corduroy trousers are a classic choice. Made from heavyweight eight-wale cotton corduroy, these trousers are durable and warm. When worn with leather brogues, these trousers look fantastic with tattersall check country shirts. There’s something about these trousers that is timeless, and you can’t go wrong with them.

The heritage of Brisbane Moss fabric is rich. The company was established in 1858 and has employed four generations of artisans. Historically, Brisbane was an important center for weaving fine cloth. Today, Brisbane Moss’ products are sold in many of the world’s top markets. This makes Brisbane Moss clothing and accessories a sought-after choice by consumers and designers alike. Its quality and style are renowned worldwide.

The company’s heritage dates back to 1858, making it a truly Australian brand. Unlike many other brands, Brisbane Moss fabrics are made by four generations of artisanal weavers. Despite its heritage, Brisbane Moss is a household name in Australia. Moleskin is a durable and lightweight fabric that is highly breathable and comfortable to wear. It’s a great choice for summer, as it keeps you cool while still looking cool.

A strong commitment to sustainability drives the company’s production of Brisbane Moss corduroy. The company produces 100% cotton corduroy and has been manufacturing quality corduroy since the 1850s. Because the material is so soft, it becomes even softer as it ages. The company uses 315 GSM cotton corduroy, which is a high-quality cotton fabric. Furthermore, Brisbane Moss makes custom corduroy for skinny and straight cuts.