July 14, 2024

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Brisbane Evangelical Church

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Brisbane Christian Fellowship (BCF) is a church focused on spreading God’s Word, worship, and fellowship, located in Samford Valley on Brisbane’s northern edge.

This church claims to be part of the Christian restoration movement; however, its teachings and practices have drawn scrutiny and allegations of cult-like activity.

Church History

The Evangelical Presbyterian Church is a small Australian Reformed Christian denomination that holds to a strict interpretation of Scripture as dictated by its author: God has appointed the King James Bible as its only valid version, with worship practices adhered to according to Biblical regulations regarding musical instruments use, including rules on use. Furthermore, they support Bible translation efforts as well as mission work around the globe.

The church has come under scrutiny by the media and been accused of engaging in cult-like behavior. Their teachings indicate they believe the world will soon come to an end and have been given the task of rebuilding Jesus’ original church.

Former members describe the church as an authoritarian institution with hidden agendas that has profound repercussions for families. According to them, freedoms are restricted while their children’s lives may be compromised by its stringent rules.

Worship Styles

Largs’ independent evangelical church was constructed in 1929 and has since undergone complete refurbishment, featuring clean lines and an efficient layout reminiscent of interwar Gospel Halls.

Members of this church believe that large mainstream Christian denominations have drifted away from fundamental biblical truths, prompting them to resist spiritual compromise and remain true to Jesus Christ’s mission by serving Him throughout society and reaching out to help those in need.

By the mid-1960s, Christianity had undergone significant transformation, prompting radical shifts in both its urban positioning and architectural manifestation. Vatican II played an influential role, while suburban residents increasingly recognized that their churches needed to adapt better with their environments.

Children’s Ministry

The church offers many activities designed to engage children and their families, such as children’s liturgy, holiday events, primary aged youth groups and playgroups for parents with young children. Furthermore, teaching opportunities based on Scripture are also provided.

The Church believes that children’s ministry serves an essential function in aiding parents fulfill their divinely appointed responsibility of raising up children according to God’s will. Pathways is an integrated approach used in children and family ministry at our church.

Brisbane Evangelical Church is an independent evangelical congregation located in Largs, Ayrshire and affiliated with the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches. They teach from Scripture while having an outreach program and providing assistance to local charities.

Youth Ministry

Evangelical Christians believe God has a plan for every individual’s life and has provided an avenue through His Son Jesus Christ to fulfill that plan. Furthermore, the Bible teaches that family, church and community play an integral part in an individual’s spiritual growth.

Young Life Australia and New Zealand (YLANZ) is dedicated to equipping young people to fulfill their God-given potential, with all aspects of life working toward this end: family, school and church working as one to assist young people in fulfilling their God-given purpose and finding fulfillment in Jesus. We are an association of young people who love Him deeply and long to see His Kingdom come here and throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Graham is a Lecturer at Ridley College and directs its Centre for Children and Youth Ministry (CYM). His doctoral research investigated how best to engage young people with Scripture within an environment of expressive individualism.


Discipleship is more than a buzzword used in church circles; it’s an action. Jesus gave us the commandment to “go and make disciples” (Matthew 28:19). Discipleship involves intentionally following Christ while teaching others how to follow Him as well.

At its heart, evangelism must focus on disciple-making rather than simply communicating the Gospel message. This requires a deep commitment from both disciples and disciple makers alike – as well as biblically rich instruction, life-on-life fellowship, and resources designed to facilitate spiritual development.

Dylan and Annie have an immense passion for missions and helping students discover who they are in Christ. Together, they serve at Discipleship Training School Australia which offers twelve weeks of powerful teaching combined with cross-cultural mission outreach in Brisbane.