April 15, 2024

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Un unknown person scaled a 80-story crane at a construction site in Tribeca and police caught him at its summit.

President Trump faces an array of obligations as he pursues the 2024 Republican nomination and defends himself in various civil and criminal trials, while simultaneously holding onto Israel-Hamas peace talks.

USMCA panel rejects Canada’s complaint

On July 1, 2020, the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) came into effect, updating NAFTA to meet 21st century challenges and potential. While it can potentially bring prosperity and growth across all three nations, making full use of it will require efforts from each side.

Canada’s dairy policies, which limit how much can enter a country duty-free or at reduced tariffs, is one source of contention in USMCA negotiations, according to an earlier ruling from 2022 by an arbitral panel. That ruling determined these restrictions were in violation of USMCA terms but Canada has yet to make necessary modifications.

Democrats wanted to ensure manufacturing workers received better protections, so USMCA contains enforceable labor standards and an immediate response mechanism for violations. Furthermore, it will create more opportunities for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and workforce development by increasing workforce diversity; ultimately determining its success will come down to whether it helps create higher-paying jobs while expanding middle class opportunities.

Hamas freed 58 former hostages

After seven weeks of hostilities, 58 former Hamas captives are back home in Israel after arriving via Red Cross trucks from Egypt. When they first came off of these trucks they were met by cheers and horns signalling freedom.

Merav Raviv, who’s cousin and aunt were freed hostages, recalls they slept on rows of plastic chairs in what appeared to be a reception area, were fed a bland diet consisting primarily of rice and bread and spent hours waiting for bathroom use.

President Joe Biden says the US administration has been making “every effort possible” to locate American hostages held captive by Hamas, but their release should not be used as leverage against Hamas. NPR’s Daniel Estrin reports.

Elon Musk’s Gigafactory in Burlington is dividing residents

Elon Musk, 43-year-old Chief Executive of Tesla Motors, exudes mystique comparable to that of Steve Jobs or Henry Ford. His electric vehicles may displace fossil fuels while his rocket company strives to reach Mars.

Residents in eastern Travis County see the Gigafactory more as a burden than an opportunity. While its employment benefits will no doubt outweigh its costs in terms of local water supplies and increased costs for buying cars and rocket parts produced there, residents see more downside than upside.

Politicians in seven states competed to lure Tesla’s plant, offering tax breaks and free land as inducements. When Governor Rick Perry arrived at California’s state capitol to convince Elon to choose their state over Texas, his appearance was met with protesters shouting “F— Elon!” as they jeered. In the end, Texas won out due to its history of providing large economic development funds that encouraged economic development projects.

Blue Ivy Lewis signs off

Blue Ivy Lewis, Jay-Z and Beyonce’s eldest daughter, made headlines Monday night during the NBA Finals game when she attended courtside wearing a leather jacket, big hoops and her signature curls – making a major impactful statement about both Jay-Z and Beyonce! Naturally she became an instant social media hit on Twitter.

Born four years after they tied the knot, 11-year-old Blue Ivy made her mother proud in May by joining her on stage during a Renaissance Tour show in Paris. “Beyonce was so proud!” exclaimed one TikTok user.

As black children are forced to conform to Eurocentric ideals of beauty, it’s refreshing to witness an individual do what she pleases without fear of judgment. According to The New York Times, Lewis’ critics only fuel her passion to train harder – hopefully her next stop on tour will be just as remarkable! We await with anticipation.