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The Facilities at the Brisbane Airport

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The Brisbane airport has a long history of serving travellers. Located in Queensland, the airport has served travelers from all over the world. The facility offers many amenities to help make your trip a breeze. Whether you are traveling for business or for leisure, the facilities at the Brisbane airport have something for everyone.


The history of Brisbane Airport is a long one, as it was built over a century ago. Brisbane Airport is the third busiest airport in Australia, and the largest airport in Queensland. The airport is located near the suburb of Eagle Farm and has two runways. The airport is accessible by car, train and buses. The airport also has a museum of original aircraft.

The first flight over the Pacific Ocean took place at Eagle Farm in 1928. This was accomplished by Charles Kingsford Smith. This was the first trans-Pacific flight between the US and Australia. It was also the first flight to cross the ocean on a monoplane.


Brisbane Airport is a major international transport hub on the east coast of Australia. It serves 29 international destinations and 23 million passengers annually. The airport is also a main hub for Virgin Australia.

The International Terminal at Brisbane Airport features four levels. There is an Information Desk, counters for Jetstar, Virgin Australia, and Singapore Airlines, as well as toilets and a conference centre.

There are two FBO lounges at Brisbane Airport, one for non-jet aircraft and the other for jet aircraft. You can purchase food and drinks from the counters at both facilities. Some of the dining options include sushi, hot chicken, and fresh Mexican cuisine.


Brisbane Airport staff are thrilled about the arrival of more international flights. They believe the new planes will help hard-hit Queensland businesses. However, the facilities are not up to snuff. They’ve been criticized for the lack of seats at the boarding gates.

For example, the new terminal’s two parallel runways are designed for Code F+ aircraft. In the meantime, Brisbane airport is working on a refurbishment project to make it more efficient. But, judging by the delays and long queues at passport lanes, it’s still not a pleasant experience.

On February 15, a Toll Aviation Fairchild Metro III freighter crashed at the Brisbane airport. The crew was conducting a routine maintenance test on the landing gear.


Brisbane Airport is the third busiest airport in the country. It has two terminals and is home to airlines like Qantas, Jetstar, Virgin Australia and Link Airways. The airport experiences traffic during the morning hours and early evenings.

The new eGate pilot program by Customs is saving Brisbane travelers time and money. The eGate is a glass plate with a small reader that slides into it and requires passengers to lay flat on the plate. It is currently available to passengers on flights to New Zealand with Qantas. It will also be available in Melbourne from mid-2015.

One of the most important steps in security at Brisbane Airport is to make sure that people are not forced to evacuate the airport. That’s why the security staff has to be careful in order to avoid this scenario.

Ways to get around

There are many ways to get around Brisbane, but one of the most convenient is a rideshare app. Often, these programs offer discounts to first-time users. These apps make it easy to hail a cab from a pick-up point at the airport or downtown.

Another option is to take the Brisbane Airtrain. This is a convenient and cost-effective way to get from the airport to the CBD. The Airtrain takes about 20 minutes and connects with Queensland Rail services. A round-trip ticket costs approximately 18 Australian dollars. The Airtrain also stops in the Gold Coast.

If you prefer a more leisurely approach, consider a private sedan. These companies offer door-to-door service with parking and fare fees. Depending on your destination, a trip to and from the city may cost from $50 to $56.


If you’re flying in from overseas, Brisbane International Airport (BNE) is a convenient place to land. It is a gateway to Queensland’s capital, and one of Australia’s busiest airports. There are two terminals.

The Domestic Terminal houses departure check-in and baggage handling. The International Terminal has a departure lounge. The international terminal is also home to offices for most major airlines.

The domestic terminal is a two-storey curved building. The international terminal is a four-level complex. It features 17 main gates, seven lounges and two food outlets.

Brisbane Airport is an easy bus ride to the city centre. During peak times, buses run every 15 minutes. You can also take a taxi.