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The Together Brisbane Exhibition is a unique instillation created by the people of Brisbane telling the world why Brisbane is better than ever.

Brisbane has come together, battled adversity and our beautiful city has emerged with a renewed sense of energy and enthusiasm. The messages and stories you discover throughout the city are displayed as part of a series of exhibitions at the Brisbane Festival 2011 (2nd - 24th September). The subsequent community pride demonstrates the warmth, energy and spirit of what makes Brisbane ‘better together’.

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Prize Winners

Congratulations, to the Together Brisbane promotion winners. Winners were randomly drawn from over a thousand entries, which have reached out to a staggering 174 countries across the globe telling the world what makes Brisbane better than ever.

Major prize winner

Mike Leah

Mike (and nine friends) is off to the Sunsuper Riverfire for dinner, drinks and the best spot on the Brisbane River aboard Moreton Island Adventures' luxury cruiser Micat.

Second prize winner

Helen Smith

Helen has secured herself (and five friends) one of the most spectacular Sunsuper Riverfire viewing spots - a private gondola on the Wheel of Brisbane at South Bank!

Runner-up winners

Tanya Andersen, Graham K Furness, Mitch V-J, Deborah Morandin, Jesse Joosten

Thanks to our friends at the Brisbane Festival our runners-up receive five premium double passes to a selection of Brisbane Festival 2011 shows.